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Monday, 1 April 2013 @ 01:32 | 0 Comment [s]

This is my new girls. yang gebu gebu tu fatin nasuha but we call her nasz. she got cute laughter and beautiful smiles. the small one tu nama dia Dinie Maisyarah, she got cute laughter too and cutie smile too. and last one tu kak Fatin Fathia, gorgeous like my two little girl. well firstly, I am so thankfull cause dapat jumpa dapat kenal dgn org segila, secaring dan etc mcm diorg ni. you know what since day first we know. we always be together. wherever we go. always be four of us. diorang sangat memahami dan supportive. i'm so gonna miss them siak. imagine lah for only few days we could be this close. we are so incredible. well, i will make sure kita semua akan capai mimpi kita. i wont let one of us jatuh walau sikit pun. i mean like give up on life. i'll be there for you. thick and thin. itu janji saya :D semoga berjaya to all ma little girl :)

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hi peeps, I'm fee and I am mummy's little princess, and bla bla bla. nice to know you ehek ehek ehek xD

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